Alex 2000

Performances Sociales‚Äč

Social Responsibility Policy

Our organisation makes aware its customers, suppliers and employees to report suggestions for improvement and, above all, deviations from the Policy adopted, which can be fully viewed at the following LINK The report will be forwarded to the people in charge for SA 8000 of the management and workers, members of the Social Performance Team (SPT) of our organisation. If the reporter does not fill in the identifying fields, the report will be sent anonymously. The SPT will review it, check for concerns and plan any necessary corrective actions. Reports on the results of workplace complaints and/or non-compliances with the SA8000 standard and its implementing policies and procedures will be made unconditionally available to staff and, upon request, to interested parties.


Form for sending reports – complaints – non-compliance with the social responsibility policy adopted by Alex 2000 srl to the social performance team. In case the reporter does not complete the identifying fields, the report will be sent anonymously to the following email address