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In every sport activity, a high-tech sock will be more functional than a shoe, because it is the first contact point with the foot. A high-tech sock will give balance to the ankle and a sense of greater protection, as well as helping the athletes to improve their performance, prevent unpleasant injuries and recover more quickly. Over the years, thanks to the experience gained by our designers, technicians and collaborators, we have developed specialised and exclusive lines for all types of sport (running, trekking, skiing, snowboarding, fitness, crossfit, tennis, padel, dance, cycling, golf, skateboarding, etc.).

Alex 2000 Srl is also the owner of the brand WALKSTREET® cwhich, thanks to its line of innovative sports socks, combines Graduated Compression technology with the exclusive Walkstreet ® Aeration® patents and the exclusive IBRITEX® spinning process.


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